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Do You Recognise the Early Warning Signs Of An Outdated CV?

We’ve been working as Headhunters and CV Writers for the last 12 years. In that time we’ve seen mobile phones as big as bricks (and as heavy) dial up speeds on the Internet at 14400 bps and the rise of Facebook, Google and Twitter.

Now we have everything on mobile app's, at the touch of a button and in seconds, we can view, see, and research anything we choose to.

But, since the first software package made writing documents accessible to all, we haven’t seen any changes in the good old CV. It’s still a plain one-dimensional word.doc, that doesn’t give its reader any of the information we need or demand in the 21st Century.

We Think That’s about to Change. There Is a Revolution Coming. A Change of Thought and Standards in the Way CV Information Is Presented and Accessed.

Move your CV away from a 20 years + old word document and to your personal online CV site shows your reader all you have done at a glance. Use images, video, graphs and links to press releases or any online content to showcase your talent.

What is Confidential CV?

It’s your own personal web CV, branded with your name (how else could it be unique and personal to you?).

A show and tell for the 21st Century, instantly accessible, complete with your unique URL

Fully SEO - Search Engine Optimised, so you can be seen, reach out  and get hired.

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What Is A Confidential CV?